If you’re ready to TOSS YOUR sun to power your home with NO power cost, then you should make an informed decision.
Because the fact is, NOT all solar companies are the same.


Installation cost, installation quality, warranties, cost per panel, back up power, “excess power” and using rebates and tax credits can all vary widely, and affect your short and long term cost.

You should know what you’re getting and paying for.

If you’re interested in going solar, but don’t want to learn more from an unsolicited knock on your door by a salesperson, call us now and we’ll set an appointment to come talk to you at a convenient time, explain your options and help you make an informed decision.


About FUZION SOLAR We are Utah’s leading Solar Experts. FUZION Solar is a full service solar contractor with many years of experience in the design and installation of solar energy systems. We’ve installed hundreds of systems all over Utah. And we can guide your solar project from conception and design through to installation. If you’re ready to disconnect from rising power rates and take advantage of clean, efficient, low cost, to no cost solar energy, FUZION Solar is your answer. Big or Small … We can install a solar energy system to fit your needs. Solar is perfect for any home, any size.

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money AND increase the value of your home …

When you call now for a FREE Solar Energy Consultation: You’ll learn:

• How Solar Power can reduce or even eliminate your power bill.
• How to minimize your exposure to rate increases due to inflation.
• The difference between owning and leasing your solar panels!
(FYI: Leasing is GREAT for the solar company, but BAD for you.)
• How to use federal and state rebates and tax credits
to pay for a large part of your solar energy system.
• How you can lock in low power rates now, and have
free power for many years after the system pays for
itself, AND energy rates go up as expected.
• How you can go solar with NO money out of pocket.

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On The Fence About Solar?


As Solar Heats Up … More and More Utah
Families are Tossing Their Electric Bill!

There’s a great reason why so many people in your area have
already chosen to GO SOLAR